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How It Works


If your goal is a single headshot in one outfit, 15 minutes should be sufficient.


For multiple backgrounds, lighting options, outfit changes. or more people, we recommend 30 minutes or more.

Choose Your Session Length

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Our live feedback monitor shows you exactly what the camera sees, guaranteeing  that you'll capture one of the best pictures you've ever taken of yourself.

Position Yourself In The Monitor


Click The Button 

Take the picture by clicking a discreet button in your hand and see the result immediately!


Take As Many Pics As You Want!

You're alone in the studio for the entire duration of your session, so relax and let go. We'll be playing your favorite music to help you get in the zone!

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Get Your Digital Files Same Day

Each session includes 10 photos of your choice, or you can purchase all the digital files. We will email you a link to the private folder with all of your photos in the same day!

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Self-Portrait Gallery

What can I use this for?

Here are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning

Professional Headshots

Couple's Portraits

Pet Portraits

Dating App Shots

Family Portraits

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