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Meet The Team

Our Story

Our journey began with a moment of inspiration and a quest for self-expression. When Olya first encountered the concept of a self-portrait studio—an innovative trend originating in Korea—she was captivated by the idea of capturing her image on her own terms. As someone who had always felt uneasy in front of the camera, this concept promised a transformative solution. However, upon searching for a similar service in the Bay Area, Olya found that no such studio existed.

Determined to fill this void, Olya shared her vision with her friend Colleen over brunch the following day. Colleen, equally intrigued, embraced the idea wholeheartedly. Together, they began to craft a business plan. Yet, they faced a significant challenge: neither possessed expertise in portrait photography.

Enter Sunny, a longtime friend with over a decade of professional photography experience. Sunny’s passion for the project and his expertise proved to be the missing piece. With his guidance, they developed a prototype of their self-portrait experience and hosted a trial run at Olya's home. The enthusiasm from their friends confirmed that they were onto something truly remarkable.

What began as a series of successful pop-up events at local galleries quickly evolved into something more profound. The transformative power of self-portraiture revealed itself in the way clients saw themselves, often for the first time, through a lens of positivity and self-appreciation. Witnessing this profound change fueled their commitment and passion.


From a single idea to a thriving studio, our story is one of discovery, collaboration, and a deep-seated belief in the power of self-empowerment. We are dedicated to creating a space where every individual can recognize and celebrate their inherent beauty, and we continue to be inspired by the journey ahead.

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